How many students pay for their essays

How many students pay for their essays

Many students have turned to buy essays online. The number of students who admit they buy essays online is 17 percent. Many students are searching for good writing services to help them get good grades as they are short of time during their academic year, and there is a huge workload on them already. Students prefer buying essays from such services because they don’t have to struggle themselves. Rather they pay someone else to write them their essay and get good academic grades. Many students find it challenging to make assignments, so either they get help from their elders at home as a free resource, or if they have money, they pay someone else to help them with their academic papers. 

Generally, you have to pay for a few free articles, and you have to pay for registered members. Generally, colleges and universities will buy our databases so that students in the school can download and use them for free.

Our services adopt two standards for individual users if you want to order essays online,charging per article and page. A reporter randomly clicked on the download pages of several papers, and the price per paper was 7.5-25 USD per paper, while the per page fee was about 1 USD per page. In other words, 100 yuan can only buy a few papers with tens or hundreds of pages.

The “high price” paid download service also created a “high-interest rate.” According to the financial report, annual revenue reached 972 million USD, with a gross profit margin of 61.23% to order essays online********; the 2018 semi-annual revenue exceeded 500 million USD.

Extended information:

buyessayonline.us is currently the complete platform for collecting domestic papers, newspaper articles, and other data, but these papers and articles are acquired by HowNet operators using extremely cheap means. Over the years, I have been curious how many people have sued other sites for not paying for the articles included, including the country’s Character Copyright Association. Our services sued for infringing the copyright of the relevant writers and won the lawsuit.

On the one hand, the author’s remuneration is lowered, and on the other hand, the service price is raised. It is no wonder that the gross profit margin of ordering an essay online has exceeded 50% for many years. But you must see that these services are building an intellectual property trading platform in a way that does not respect copyright. Such an operation will bring shame to our copyright protection cause.

Are essay writing services legit and worth your trust?

My ordinary impact used to be that the web page was legit, even though some information was made up for advertising and marketing purposes. No secret that the majority of corporations act in such a way to promote their services and take hold of the largest share of the market. Write essay today receives four out of 5 for the website’s online sketch and usability.

Suppose you desire to chat with every writer, attempting to find their proficiency and desirable success! You’ll waste masses of time! Pay attention to the writer’s ranking and customers’ reviews. You can also ask the creator to send you a pattern to make positive you’ve made the right choice.

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